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Washington dc charter bus service tours

Washington dc bus tours you have a large group and need our private bus tours of Washington DC. One of the most important aspects of comfortable private tours is the kind of transportation available. The vehicle must function not just as a means of transport but also as a safe haven that tourists can relax in as they travel to the next spot on the schedule. For this reason, it’s crucial that you choose not just a good vehicle type but also an excellent transport provider.

Charter Bus service and tours in Virginia is a great way to keep a large group comfortable and happy while on a trip or tour. Large groups can be particularly difficult to plan for and accommodate, but at Strictly Private Tours, our Charter Bus Service has everything you need!

DC Charter Bus Service

There are currently several transportation options offered for private tours. Travelers can choose between limousines, shuttle buses, or a charter coach bus to take them where they want to go. The choice between these different services will depend on the specific needs of the client. A charter coach bus is typically the best choice for larger groups. Unlike a shuttle bus, the charter coach can hold more than 40 people, with a maximum of 60 travelers at a time. Shuttle bus service can accommodate up to 30 passengers and limousine service can accommodate up to 6 travelers.

Advantages of Charter Bus Service and Tours in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland

Aside from the sheer amount of passenger space, a charter coach bus offers more headroom and legroom than the shuttle bus. Ample space is also available for packages, bags, and souvenirs you might choose to purchase during the trip. With temperature control and generous seating sizes, passengers can sit and chat in comfort as they go from one tourist spot to another. Our charter bus tours and service in Washington DC can make any group trip one that everyone will love!

Those who hire the bus for work purposes will find that there is lots of room to work in as they make productive use of their time in transit. Due to their size, charter coaches are also considered a safer form of travel, especially with an experienced driver in charge of the wheel. When it comes to cost, the price per head is often cheaper using this vehicle type. Strictly Private Tours’ charter bus service in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland, can be excellent options for conference goers, trade show attendees, or a variety of other business or corporate needs.

Virginia Charter Bus Service

If you are ever in need of charter bus service during a tour in DC, Strictly Private Tours offers all kind of shuttle services to help you make the most out of the nation’s capital. All charter bus tour rates include a thorough exploration of the city from tourist sites to shopping sprees. It also covers nights for those who would like a taste of the DC nightlife. Our chartered private bus tours of Washington DC provide knowledgeable guides, exciting tourist stops, and safe, comfortable transport for all of your guests. Airport pick-up and drop off are also part and parcel of the package – relieving all shuttle problems you might have during vacation.

Strictly Private Tours is perfect for corporate tours, field trips, foreign groups, travel agencies, and hotel chains. The service also operates in Virginia and can accommodate several foreign languages for international travelers. For rates and reservations, visit the website.

All Buses are part of our fleet. They are not rented or rental, for hire or charter, leased or used from other companies.

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